New tutorials on my new website!

Don't forget about Flickr!

Hey guys, don't forget to check out my Flickr photostream, got some cool photos and stuff you don't see on the blog. Sure I have the Flickr widget but it doesn't have the same effect as seeing the full sized image. ;)

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  1. Just noticed one of your tutorials.

    Nice site. Personally I dont like youtube videos, I like plain text + images during the process, but I do understand that people like to watch youtube videos and it perhaps is less hassle to create videos than to do screenshots ... :D

  2. Great stuff David!
    Thanks for linking in to, the exposure is appreciated. Once I get some other side projects out of the way I plan on updating a couple things on the site. If you would like to contribute anything I would be very happy to place a link to your blog above the donated clip aswell as your named credited. thanks again!

  3. Hey Chris thanks! Yeah I was experimenting with some different themes and all the links and custom stuff I had got erased. I'm thinking of moving to a wordpress blog instead so I'll have more customizable features.