New tutorials on my new website!

New Website and a story.

Hi friends! Today I've got some awesome news and a short history lesson. I own a domain! Isn't that exciting!? As much as I love this blog and have had a lot of traffic over the years which I (stupidly) missed out on monetizing from, there is only so much you can do with a Blogspot account. My new website is awesome, professional looking, mobile friendly, simple but sleek, and awesome. Plus with unlimited web space I don't need to worry about hosting project files and downloads on 3rd party sites. There are still new things I'd like to add to it like a portfolio and stuff but the site is up and running and all future tutorials and projects will be posted there. I will keep this blog open because there are tutorials I don't consider good enough to post on the new site but everything else will be on the new one. So please go join the BlendMode email list to keep up with everything.

Molten Rock Text Tutorial

Here is a fun tutorial on making some realistic volcanic rock text. There's a very cool script used that has many uses.


Hey guys! I have purchased a domain name and started an official site for my tutorials and graphic design!

Check it out! If you'd like to contribute a video tutorial or project I would love the help in getting the site a good launch. The site is going to be much more professional than a blogger account.

I will still be posting written versions of tutorials on my blog for a while.


So Heroes is coming back for a new round of episodes that hopefully will be better than the original show.

Awesome Lens Flare Tutorial

If you've ever used the default lens flare plugin you know it's limitations. One flare type, no control over the flare brightness, etc... But no more will you be laughed at when people call you out on it. In this tutorial learn how to make some basic but cool anamorphic lens flares.