Awesome Lens Flare Tutorial

If you've ever used the default lens flare plugin you know it's limitations. One flare type, no control over the flare brightness, etc... But no more will you be laughed at when people call you out on it. In this tutorial learn how to make some basic but cool anamorphic lens flares.

Gimp Fireball Tutorial

How many times have you wished for super powers? Admit it, we all have. Well now you'll have control over fire with this awesome tutorial.

Realistic Flaming Text Tutorial

A very common asked for effect is realistic fire text. There are dozens if not hundreds of tutorials on this effect already but most results are very sub-par and far from realistic. But not anymore.

Teen Titans: Dark Energy, Photoshop Tutorial

All good things must come to an end. The final tutorial in this series, I think this result came out the best. We're going to cast a magical spell of doom on anybody that gets in the way of our copy of Photoshop.