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'For You and Your Denial' Music Video

The first video for the new Yellowcard album is here!

Now if you don't mind I will give it a small critique.

Pros: The setting is nice, a country road, the old muscle car; it has an Ocean Avenue look and feel, like a continuation of it. The song is also pretty good. ;)

Cons: Most of the video that aren't shots of the girl in the car are shots of the band from behind. Why show them from behind? I would rather see their faces. The girl, to me, is a little scary, mostly it's the nose ring, not attractive at all. Also, what's with all the closeups of her lips? Just back the camera up two feet so we can see her better.
[SPOILER] Why don't we get to see what happens at the end? The film burn starts before we know what happens. I think a better ending would have been a shot from the outside in front of the windshield showing her stop and just kinda staring at Ryan. Or a sideshot showing her looking at the band and them looking back.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the video, I was expecting something more but it's OK, I bet the video for 'Hang You Up' will be good.

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