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Warning: This is a rant

Guys! I feel unjustly accused. Read this article and you'll know why.

I have done nothing to invoke his wrath. I don't claim to be a pro, I don't act like I'm a pro, and I don't view myself as a pro (even discreetly). Daniel is acting like he's a god and he should crush all us worthless peasants. This guy needs to be set straight! >:(


  1. David, there's nothing you can do about negativity on the internet. And while he does have Freedom of Speech right to post your link, in the end, it only means you get more traffic anyway.

    Don't be worried about this. His blog has only a handful of posts, so any influence his post may have is low.

    And in the end negative bloggers aren't the ones who have the traffic or popularity. If you don't believe me, post a few negative tweets in a row and watch your followers drop. It doesn't pay its way in the end. Folks who are helpful - even *if* they're just beginning - go much further. Helpful wins, hands down.


  2. Yeah I know. Thanks for the pickup. I have gotten two visits from his link. Ha ha!

  3. Hey David, I was shocked to see the "rant". I left him a very lengthly comment completely destructing his points, if he doesen't approve the comment it has obviously made him feel like a fool. He has no right to tell us what sites people should and should not visit especially when we have done nothing wrong. He is being the arrogant one and unprofessional at that. Keep up the good work, it's good to see you getting some tutorials of your own out as at the moment efx is a bit down, hopefully we'll pick up soon though ;)

  4. Remington McElhaneyNovember 10, 2009 at 2:25 AM

    You should check the comment I left him, if he posts it because he seems to have fun editing the posts from what I've noticed. The guys an ass, but I really don't think theres a single person out there who agrees with him. I think if anything hes threatend by the fact that guys such as you and me(I'm 17) can make tutorials and hopefully put people like him out of buisness. Thanks for your comment on my tutorial:)

  5. David, first off, I love the site. Your doing some really great work. I read that post from Daniels web page a few days ago and to be honest, I felt pity for Daniel. He claims to be a pro and bites his thumb at others, but his post is just about the most UNprofessional thing I have ever seen. There is a thing called respect that one must have to be a professional. He is no pro.

    I left a comment on his article, telling him exactly that Of course, he removed my post. Seems his arrogance has a slight problem with the truth. Us REAL pro's need to stick together... I'm planning on posting an article on my page praising you guys over at firechildvideo here on blogspot.

    Again, enjoyed your site and I'm right there to help ya fight tha good fight!