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Back from Farm-City Day

Okay so every Autumn there's a day where a farm opens it's doors to the public. A lot of folks from the city travel down to have a look at country life.
Well this time it was the Drumm dairy farm over in Prattsburgh NY. Mainly we went for the corn maze, and to tell you the truth, it was a let down, not nearly as much fun as last year's. But there is a positive side...
There was free chocolate milk and cuz it was cold and rainy no one was taking any. Plus they didn't have signs saying there was milk. So at 3 o'clock when the whole event is over, there was a big vat full of it. So as my buddy Zach and I are getting a drink one of the farm hands say, "Take as much as you want". So Zach takes off his sweatshirt and forms a bag and we start filling it up. We made two trips to his car and there was still milk left over, we only took the plastic ones (stupid us) and left the cardboard behind. A few other people were also filling their pockets. Anyway the point I'm getting at is all and all we carried away 96 8 ounce containers! Mom said that's over 5 gallons!! We went over to my grandma's house afterward and counted them.

Click for larger pictures.

There's also a video HERE.

That's not counting the ones we drank.

So in our eyes it was a very productive day. (I'm saving some for you Derek!) :)

Final note:
I am so glad I'm a country boy, those city drivers don't have a clue what to do on a dirt road and drive slower than molasses.

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