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So Heroes is coming back for a new round of episodes that hopefully will be better than the original show.

I've never watched the show so I can't comment on how good it was although I've heard very mixed opinions about it. However the Heroes logo has always been one of my favorites, which is probably why I made two tutorials on it. Even though NBC added the word 'Reborn' trying to sound way cooler than it will probably be, the new teaser logo (I don't know if this is the final logo) is quite appealing. It presents us with the familiar eclipse in place of the 'O' in it's name, but goes beyond that with the use of a  lens flare. Who doesn't love a good lens flare, am I right? And it's not an over the top JJ Abrams flare either, it's simple and elegant, and striking from a designer's point of view, like a tailored suit with just a dash of color from the tie and handkerchief set. Anyway since I didn't want to give you guys 3 Heroes logo tutorials I just will share the project file. We'll see if this is the final logo when the show airs, if not maybe I'll make another project.

Download the project:

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